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What is the SANE Community Support Network?

A private, supportive gathering place for 
Sexual Assault forensic medical professionals, SANE/SAFE Program Managers, and Executive Directors/CEOs of Sexual Assault & Children's Advocacy Centers with forensic medical programs.

For Center Leaders who...

  1.   Want enough SANEs to have consistent 24/7 coverage

  2.   Want to keep on-call SANEs engaged

  3.   Need new sustainable business models

  4.   Want access to sample policies, templates, checklists

  5.   Want to connect and commiserate with other leaders

For SANEs who...

  1.   Want to learn & share the latest best practices
  2.   Like Continuing Education that is dynamic & useful
  3.   Want the latest specialty education
  4.   Seek community & network with other SANEs

Why this Community?   

After looking for a place to network, learn, and let off steam in a safe and confidential space, we decided to create such a place.  Founded by SANEs and Sexual Assault Center leaders at Mosaic Georgia, the SANE Success Institute created this Community Support Network as a training & resource community for professionals doing the work to end sexual violence and help people heal and thrive after experiencing such trauma.  

Here we have private groups for each functional role:  the SANE practitioner, the SANE Program Manager, and the Executive Director/CEO of the Center that provides the forensic medical care, along with other victim services. 

When you join the SANE Community Support Network, you will have access to a library of resources, special webinars, and live virtual lounges to check in and get support.  

SANE Community Support Network 

Resources & Programs Include: 

  1.    PRO/SANE:  Monthly Peer Review (with CEUs)
  2.    SANE Real-Time Answers:  Monthly
  3.    Executive Director/CEO Roundtable:  Monthly
  4.    4 Live, Special Topic Webinars: Annually
  5.    SANE Lounge:  Online chat, Info sharing
  6.    SANE Manager Lounge:  Online chat, Info sharing 
  7.    Executive Director/CEO Lounge:  Online chat, Info sharing 
  8.    Finance & Budget Lounge:  Online chat, Info sharing 
  9.    Resource Library by Topic

Who can Join?

Membership is open to Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis programs and Children's Advocacy Centers with forensic medical practices.  

Each Center membership provides access for eight (8) professionals.  After receiving your registration information, private access links will be sent to each employee.     

Additional personalized services & support are also available:

SANE Advanced Leadership Package

All of the SANE Community Support Network, PLUS:

  • Biz Coaching Pod - SANE Managers - Monthly Zooms
  • Biz Coaching Pod - Executive Directors/CEOs - Monthly Zooms

Active confidential coaching on the key performance challenges that you want to improve. Supportive, small groups share and learn from each other with accountability for your Now & Next action steps.

SANE Program - Business Development Consulting Package

For sexual assault & children's advocacy centers that are launching or strengthening forensic medical programs, we dive into the SANE Program Business Blueprint with the CEO or leadership team.  This is a consultative & coaching process that supports your vision & goals to open and operate a successful forensic medical program.   Deliverables include: 

Assessment look at leadership mindset (organization & stakeholders), current programs, staffing, space & equipment, financial capacity, and review of revenue services. 

Forensic Medical/SANE Business Plan design an operations & staffing model that is feasible in the current local environment. Includes start-up requirements (equipment, space, supplies, vendors, insurance, medical director); budget plans and projected case volume to meet goals; staffing schedule options; job descriptions; customizable protocols, checklists, and workflows. Marketing templates for recruitment of RNs to engage in SANE training. Monthly dashboard to track progress to your goals.   


  • Private, individual business coaching for 12 months to support implementation
  • SANE Advanced Leadership Package
  • SANE Community Support Network

schedule a call to discuss your plans: 

About the SANE Success Institute:

SANE Success Institute is a suite of professional education, training, and support services provided by Mosaic Georgia, a nonprofit Sexual Assault & Children's Advocacy Center.  In July, 1993 the first victim/patient received forensic medical care in its community-based center.  Our SANEs have provided more than 5,000 forensic medical exams since that time.  That experience is shared through quality professional training to allied professionals on issues affecting victims of sexual violence across the state of Georgia.  By practitioners for practitioners. 

Since 2007, we've trained almost 600 Registered Nurses or other licensed medical professionals in: 

  • Georgia Sexual Assault Nurse/Forensic Examiner (SANE/SAFE) Adolescent-Adult didactic course 
  • Sexual Assault & Abuse SANE/SAFE Pediatric didactic course
  • Sexual Assault Forensic Medical Exam Clinical Skills & Expert Witness Testimony Workshops
  • PRO/SANE - monthly Peer Review Online for adult and adolescent cases.

Please Register your center or agency for the network at the following link:


If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Maryam Jordan, Professional Programs Manager at Mosaic Georgia, at [email protected].